Those devices emit ultrasound waves that inaudible do people and larger animals, but strongly affect rodents' nervous and auditory systems. The waves disrupt their behavioural pattern and cause panic amongst them. It also impedes their feeding and mating processes, which eventually causes them to flee from the protected area. The shape and frequency of the impulses constantly varies, which prevents the rodents from becoming accustomed to it. The device also thins out the numbers of insects such as ants, flies, mosquitos and spiders.


The electromagnetic principle of operation uses electric wiring in the building to transmit a fluctuating signal, which exacerbates the nervous system of rodents and some insects. The electromagnetic field around conductors does not expand but merely varies its frequency. Rodents and insects sense those changes and avoid places where it occurs. Such changes do not affect the work of household appliances.


Devices, whose opperation is based on sound are mainly used against birds that ravage crops or plants. They are designed to scare away birds through the use of explosive substances, some of which prerecorded while others electronically generated.Prerecorded sounds arouse fear and distress among bird flocks, causing them to seek refuge even when the threat is not visible to them.


Vibration devices are mainly used against underground rodents such as the Talpa Europea and the Spalax Leucodon. Underground rodents generally have vestigial sight, however, they possess extremely developed hearing and an increased sensibility to soil vibration. The device's emittion of sound and vibration teases and scares undergrounds rodents, eventually causing them to flee from the area where the device is planted.


The Strobe Light function is another pest repelling technology. Any type of animal that has an eyes can be repelled effectively using continuous flashing strobe light. Intense white light flashes 75 times per minute. Light pulses and the frightening shadows they create, at this frequency are intolerable and disorienting to animals and they go away from the source of annoyance. Ideal for use in any dark or dimly-lit building where lights and shadows will be most visible and effective.