127 x 84 x 66 mm
Strobe Light
3 in 1 pest repeller

Our device uses a method of ultrasounds, electromagnetic transimition and flashing lights, affecting the greater auditorial and sensoral capacity of bothersome pests. Ultrasounds and flashing lights affect rodents whilst they're out of their shelters and the electromagnetic impulses spread along the cable system and attack them even in the safety of their homes. The constant inflow of high frequency sound waves and the flashing light impedes the rodents' vital functions and causes panic amongst them. It also intereferes with mating and feeding and soon causes them to leave the area. The parameters of sound emitions vary to prevent rodents from habituating. The device also thins out the numbers of some other pests such as ants, spiders and bedbugs.


The PR-500.3 supports 220V of input power. An indication light will successively flash once the device is powered up. It should be placed in close proximity to the rodent infestation area. The user can toggle between three working modes. For utmost performance, do not turn off the device. Avoid getting any sort of liquid on the device or leaving it in direct sunlight.


Food pickings, litter and etc. attract rodents the most. Make sure you dispose of them regularly. Good domestic hygiene and rodents are rarely compatible. It's also a good idea to provide noticable exits from the premises - this will speed the device's effect up. After the rodents have been chased away, shut all entrances and seal off the holes in your walls and floors. Prophylaxis makes for better performance and faster results.


Users can toggle between mode 1 and 2 via the switch on the right.

-Mode =1=
The device emits electromagnetic impulses and high-frequency sound waves, which is inaudible to humans and larger animals.
-Mode =2=
The device emits electromagnetic impulses and sound waves of both high and low frequencies, audible to people and all animals. This mode is suitable for uninhibited premises.

Flashing light
Has further impact on rodents and even some insects
- Use the toggle switch to turn the flashing LED ON or OFF


- Do not place the device behing anything that can hinder it's ultrasound transimitions.
- Soft objects (upholstery, carpets and etc.) impede the device's perfomance and diminish its effectivness by 30%-50%. It's advisable to use a second device in such rooms.
- The PR-500.3 is effective only in the room it has been installed in. If you wish to secure another premise, an additional device must be installed.


The first signs of the device's effect become noticable within a 10 - 12 day period. Optimum performance is achieved about a week later. During that period any sudden rise in rodents' activity is nothing out of the ordinary. The ultrasound, EMF and flashing LED causes them to flee and seek shelter elsewhere. Shortly after that they disappear completely. Use of additional means during this period will have great effect.


Input voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power consumption: 7W
Coverage: 220m2
- Mode =1= 20 - 36 kHz
- Mode =2= 15 - 36 kHz