122 x 58 x 34 mm
Ultrasonic pest repeller for cars
Suitable for car, vehicles, trucks, boats, etc.


The unit creates a fluctuating ultrasonic sound, from low to high, to target the different pests that react more strongly to higher and lower ultrasonic frequencies. Generally, lower ultrasonic waves affect larger animals, while higher ultrasonic waves are more disturbing to smaller pests.


PR-12.1 has to be installed under the bonnet of the vehicle away from the engine. Connect the device to 12V-DC from the cars electro instillation. Green light will start blinking. This indicate proper work of the electronic pest repeller. Keep from water.

If the unit is interfaced with the ignition, it will be automatically be “ON” when the ignition is switched “OFF” and the unit will be “OFF” when ignition is switched “ON”. If a switch is placed on the dashboard for this unit, it should be switched “ON” everytime the car ignition is switched “OFF” (Make sure the Power ON switch on the unit is switched “ON” at all times) The ultrasound produced by the repeller will bounce around under the bonnet of the vehicle to form an ultrasound field thereby protecting the vehicle’s accessories from rodents. The L.E.D on the machine will blink to indicate that the unit is working. Transducers are completely quiet. If you cannot hear them, do not think that the unit is not working. You cannot hear ultrasound.


Power supply: 12V-DC
Power consumption: 7W
Frequency range: 29000-58000Hz
Effective area: 20m2