385 x 67 mm
upto 800m2
Electronic ground rodent repeller

The KR-8 ground rodent repeller is a humane and environmentally friendly means of dealing with rodent infestations.

Rodents make up for their underdeveloped eyesight with an extremely advanced and sensitive aural apparatus. They also pick up on inner-soil vibrations extremely well. The KR-8 turns that into its own advantage. It produces a vibrating sound every 30 seconds. Sound emitions are intimidating to the rodents and eventually scare them away.

The device is completely harmless to humans and pets. The KR-8 is efficacious with moles /Talpa Europea, L./ and mole-rats /Spalax Leucodon/, however it is inefficient with worms, mole crickets and other underground insect species.

The device's effective area is about 800m2 or roughly a circle with a 35 m diameter.


1.Unscrew the cap of the device in a counterclockwise direction.
2.Take the core of the device out.
3.Place 3 batteries /1.5V-R20/D/ as mentioned on the label. A vibrating sound heard should be heard withing the following 30 seconds, indicating that the device is working properly.
4.Insert the core of the device back in its casing.
5.Tighten the cap in a clockwise direction.
6.Create a cylindrical opening in the soil and place the devcie in it. The cap should be at about 2 cm from the ground.
7. For optimal performance compress the soil around the device. This provides better contact.


1. Do not attemp to nail the device into the ground.
2. A set of batteries will last 4-6 months. It's good idea to regularly check if the device is functioning. If there are no noticable sounds or vibrations, simply put in a new set of batteries.
3. For optimum performance of the device, it must be placed in the desired area after thorough tillage operation. That helps to disrupt the rodents' shelters. This must be done at least 2 weeks before planting.
4. The device's effect will becomre noticable withing 2-3 weeks depending on soil types and the density of rodent groups.


Input voltage: 4,5V/DC (3 D batteries)
Frequency: 300-400 Hz
Coverage: Up to 800m2