The Pest-X-Repel electronic pest repellent devices were developed in Bulgaria in and have been manufactured since 1996. They are an effective means of dealing with all sorts of pest such as mice, rats, moles, mole-rats, birds and other wild animal species. Pest-X-Repel electronic devices are a relevant alternative to all mechanic and chemical based pesticides. They are harmless in environmental and ecological aspect and do not hurt animals in any way. They simply make infested areas uninhibitable.
All of our devices have been thourougly tested in accredited laboratories and have met the requirements of European directives D73/23/CEE and D89/336/CEE. Pest-X-Repel are sertified by the European legislation of CE marking of electronic equipment.
Invest Electronics Ltd. is certified to have met all requirements of ISO 9001.2000 from Lloyds Register in 2004.
In 2009 quality control system was certified by the requirements of ISO9001:2008.